2024 Missouri Trip

Situation:  Greeneway Church will go to Springfield Missouri to serve our “sister” organization, the Assembly of God Theological Seminary and Evangel University.  We will be cleaning dorms, light maintenance and ground work.

Cost:  $1100 per person (price includes: airfare, ground transportation, meals, hotel, and supplies).

Dates: 13-19 May 2024

Here is our travel schedule:

13 May 24

Time: TBD         Meet at Greeneway Church (HC Campus) (you may park at your own risk at church)

            Time:  TBD        Depart Greeneway Church (HC)

            Time:  TBD        Depart MCO

            Time:  TBD        Arrive St. Louis or other nearby airport

            Time:  TBD        Drive to Springfield

14-18 May 24

            Work on site at AGTS/EU

19 May 24

            Time: TBD         Attend James River Church (18,000 member church)

Time:  TBD        Depart Springfield

            Time:  TBD        Arrive MCO

            Time:  TBD        Arrive GWC (HC)

Payment Plan:   

            15 FEB 24         $500 Due (link to be provided to church website payment location)

            01 MAY 24        $600 Due

            Total:               $1100

*Warning:  In case of a pandemic, economic collapse, airline strike or unforeseen event, Greeneway Church will try its best to work with airlines, travel agents and etc. to get you refunded as much of it as possible; However, your money is at risk even though we purchase travel insurance.  So, Greeneway Church does not guarantee a refund.

Emergency Phone numbers:  Emergency contact information will be provided while we are in country.

Travel Health Insurance:  We will purchase emergency travel medical insurance, so if you have a health emergency while there we can care for you and return you home; however, we would like to also have your health insurance card on file if you have health insurance.

ID:  You must have your government issued ID to travel.

Tickets:  We will have your tickets for you the morning we travel.

Luggage:  luggage requirements will be provided

Tools:  The church will be bringing some specialty tools that you may be asked to carry in your suitcase; but it is suggested that you bring leather work gloves, eye protection, work boots/shoes, sunscreen, and you welcome to bring any specialty tools you think you may need (hammers, tool belts, tape measures, etc.).

Clothing:  Modest jeans/shorts (to the knees) casual clothing is fine.  For work on site, you can work in jeans, modest shorts, t-shirts, work boots, and everyone will receive one Greeneway church team shirt.  We will attend church…jeans are fine.

Lodging:  We will be staying in a budget style hotel.  Towels and bed linen are provided.

Cash:  Everything is covered; the only thing you will need to purchase will be keepsakes and other trinkets.  It is recommended you use a local ATM in order to get local currency. 

Alcohol Free:  Since we are representing Greeneway Church, and since we are concerned about safety, this is an alcohol free trip from start to finish.  No exceptions.

General thoughts:  Please be praying for our time in Missouri.  Pray that we make a great impact upon the lives we will touch.  Remember this, we are guests and things will not go as we plan.

Snacks:  Bringing Granola bars, trail mix or etc. is always a good idea.

What you can do now:

            Pray for our trip and those we will encounter during the trip.

Suggested Packing list:

  1. Flashlight and batteries
  2. Nalgene or Wide mouth water bottle
  3. Shirts, with no political, secular music/movie messages.
  4. Pants (jeans, light weight hiking pants or khakis)
  5. Shorts (must be knee length)
  6. Light jacket or long sleeve in case it gets cool while traveling
  7. Undergarments and socks
  8. Good walking shoes and inexpensive Flip Flops (for showers)
  9. Hat and sunglasses
  10. Work Gloves & Safety Glasses (for construction teams)
  11. Toiletries & Personal Items: chap stick, vitamins, toothbrush, shampoo, soap etc.
  12. Prescription meds- bring enough for the length of your stay and some extra)
  13. Sunscreen (at least SPF 30)
  14. Spending money (suggested $50 – 100 US if you are planning on shopping)
  15. Band aids, cold medicine, Aspirin/Tylenol/ Advil
  16. Motion sickness Pills if you need them


All Day



The event is finished.