2024 Dominican Republic Trip

Greeneway Church Service Trip members will serve with a ministry by the name of “El Niño Rey.” The ministry runs an after school program that teaches children in a poor community near the Haitian border. The program directors attend GWC. Team members will hand out gifts on 3-King’s Day, assist in instructing children, organize children’s activities and etc. The trip will be led by Patti and Javier Gomez.

Cost: $950 (price includes: airfare, ground transportation, meals, hotel, gifts for children)

Dates: 4-7 January 2024

Payment Plan:  
  • 25 SEP 23 – $500 Due
  • 04 DEC 23 – $450 Due
  • Total: $950
*Warning:  In case of a pandemic, economic collapse, airline strike or unforeseen event, Greeneway Church will try its best to work with airlines, travel agents and etc. to get you refunded as much of it as possible; However, your money is at risk even though we purchase travel insurance.  So, Greeneway Church does not guarantee a refund.



All Day



The event is finished.