School of Music FAQs

It all depends on the student. We have seen students start from point zero who were able to play multiple songs in just a few months. At the same time, we have seen kids who are in classes for longer than three months and cannot complete a song yet. Practice at home + the tools we give in class + support from parents + dedication of the student + learning capacity of the student. These are all factors that will influence the time that a student takes to learn an instrument. Don’t worry, our instructors will guide you along the way and walk with you on every steppingstone. We can go much more in details if you ask us in person at the school.

This is a good question! And a bit subjective. If you ask a guitar player which is the easiest, they might say guitar. If you ask a pianist which is the easiest, they might say piano. However, what we like to answer to these questions is the following: If the student is very energetic and loves rhythm, drums are a good starter-instrument. If the student is not sure but loves music, piano is a great option. In other words, piano is the easiest, drums follow right after.

We normally start doing evaluations at 7 years old and have no upper limit. During the evaluation lesson, our instructors will let the parents know if the student is ready to start lessons or if the student needs to wait a bit longer. We make sure that when students join the lessons, they are going to be able to get the benefit and the best experience out of each lesson. Do you think your kid is ready for our lessons? Book a FREE evaluation!

Yes, there is no age limit. We are here for you if music is something you always wanted to do and couldn’t.

There are two ways that our students can qualify for the band. Students can either be directly recommended by their instructor or they can request to audition during band enrollment time. To qualify, student needs to be able to follow instructions in a group setting, work well with others, and have at least enough musical knowledge to play along with other band members.

Our instructors are always willing to talk to parents about their children. Please feel free to ask your child’s instructor anything about their progress and know that the instructor is willing to give you periodic Updates.

Yes! All of our teachers are highly qualified professionals, and many have extensive performance experience, all our instructors are picked wisely & carefully! Our teachers are experienced teachers & are chosen not only for their qualifications, but for their ability to relate to the students.

No. Please keep in mind that while some students work better with a parent in the room, others may find it distracting. We will always keep you updated.